• Ab Doer Twist

    Ab Doer Twist

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    AB DOER TWIST® is the 360-degree approach to total-body fitness invented by John Abdo. AB DOER TWIST lets you use your muscles much more effectively, with less stress and less str..

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  • The Perfect Dog Training System

    The Perfect Dog Training System

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    Dog Training DVD’s, Command Collar®, Freedom Training Lines & a Quick Start Guide With logical, easy to apply, step-by-step instructions, The Perfect Dog System covers everythin..

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  • FlavorStone® Cookware

    FlavorStone® Cookware

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    FlavorStone® is one of the most advanced cookware lines developed for the 21st century. It can be used on gas, electric, ceramic, and induction surfaces. It allows you to make gre..

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    AGELESS WONDER™ is an amazing facial EMS device that is designed to activate the muscles in your face. You can contract the muscle fibers of your face safely and effectively...

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