How to look Younger and Not Spend a Fortune using Ageless Wonder.

How to look Younger and Not Spend a Fortune using Ageless Wonder.

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

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When it comes to investing in beauty products your options are endless and most times expensive. But for those who are looking for beauty treatments that don’t involve expensive and extreme choices then choose Ageless Wonder. Ageless Wonder appeals to women and men who are beginning to see signs of wrinkles and sagging skin.Facial stimulators have been on the market for years and cost a fortune and if you couldn’t get the right machine you would spend even more at the spa or dermatologist. Ordering the Ageless wonder today lets you start treating the signs of ageing right away.

What Can the Ageless Wonder do for You? 

The Ageless Wonder works to improve your facial tone, rejunevate the skin , reduce puffiness, even out skin and improve facial circulation all in 15 minutes a day ! The Ageless Wonder is proven to stimulate and improve facial appearance immediately! Its like giving your face a work out 15 minutes a day and just like going to the gym you will see drastic results in just  4 weeks !

As we get older our skin naturally sags and forms wrinkes in common but most times hard to treat areas. Expensive creams end up being a trial and error system where what we thought was working turns out it isnt. Expensive procedures are a last resort and for many unaffordable so Ageless Wonder meets you in the middle. A treatment that works and will work as long as you use it and won’t cost you nearly as much as you would spend at the department store counters and doctor offices. The Ageless Wonder also comes with a conveint belt clip so coming home to get things done wont interfere with your 15 minute beauty routine; catch up on a book, watch Grey’s Anatomy or do some office work all while turning back the hands of time!

How does it Work?

Ageless wonder is an EMS ( Electrical Muscle Stimulation ) system that uses electrical current to stimulate the muscles in your face .  Ageless Wonder generates small electrical pulses that are delivered onto your skin through the application wand that comes with the kit. The electrical pulses then activate your underlying motor nerves resulting in muscle contractions. The Ageless wonder sends a signal to your muscle to cause it to contract and then relax.These impulses are designed to mimic the natural nerve signal and to obtain efficient pleasant contractions which repeat again and again. An important point to remember is that the Ageless Wonder stimulates impossible to exercise facial muscles

Ageless Wonder is your ticket to looking younger without all the fuss of creams and cosmetic procedures. Join us on Facebook  for an additional 15% off your Ageless Wonder Purchase Today.

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6 Reviews

  1. LYN says:

    Is Ageless Wonder machine guaranteed to make the difference as per your TV ads? Can it be used on the neck area as well? After using for 4 weeks (30 days) and no change is significant, can the product be returned for full credit???

    • sinthujha says:

      Hi Lyn, the Ageless Wonder works to improve facial tone and structure by increasing circulation and smoothing your skin.The ads that you see on TV are real people that have used the Ageless Wonder as directed which was 15 minutes each day for 4 weeks straight to see visible results. However if you read the product manual it advices against using the device on your neck as Ageless Wonder is a device used only for cosmetic use on the facial tissue and no other body part. If you feel the product did not work for you please contact the customer care department were your purchased the product for refund policy. Thank you.

  2. Evelyn says:

    Hi, do you notice changes on reduction of wrinkles on your face straight away? or do you have to continually use it for 4 weeks at 15 mins per day before you actually see results. And can I do above my lip area as this is where i have my wrinkles, around my mouth area? Thanks

    • sinthujha says:

      Hi Evelyn, while you may not see a significant difference right away you will notice that after the first use the Ageless Wonder does stimulate facial circulation giving you a glowing look. Yes, depending on how frequently you use the Ageless Wonder it is recommend that you use it daily for 15 minutes a day on each selected area 4 times a week for at least 4 weeks and you will see amazing results. However, consistency is key when using Ageless Wonder along with a healthy diet and no smoking.

  3. Suzana says:

    Can I use it if I’m trying for a baby?

    • sinthujha says:

      Hi Suzana, as a precaution, the safety of neuromuscular stimulation during pregnancy or child birth has not been established. Only use the Ageless Wonder as directed in the manual. Thank you.

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